10 X-Files Episodes To Watch That Are Still Scary As Hell

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    10 X-Files Episodes To Watch That Are Still Scary As Hell

    These are strange days we’re living in, which makes it the perfect time to revisit The X-Files. Lately, we’ve been focusing our binge-watch efforts on the monster-of-the-week episodes that scared us so bad we might as well say they scarred us”because they’re still giving us nightmares. Here are 10 favourites you can watch to give yourself and otherworldly fright.

    1) “Squeeze” (season one, episode three)

    This very early entry in the series divides its focus between the investigation of a puzzling string of murders”committed in locked or otherwise enclosed rooms with no apparent entry points, leaving behind victims with their livers brutally ripped out”and Scully’s affirmation of just how her “spooky” new partner is viewed by the rest of the bureau. Though she agrees that Mulder’s theories are a bit out-there, she has faith, and together they capture the killer”Eugene Victor Tooms (Doug Hutchison), a mutant-human creature who’s able to stretch out and shimmy into impossibly narrow spaces, searching for livers to sustain his next 30-year hibernation”just as he’s angling to make Scully his next target.

    The creepy character proved to be such an unsettling villain that he returned for season one’s 21st episode (“Tooms”), hellbent on both revenge against Mulder and gobbling up that one last liver he requires before he can take a long rest. Once you’ve met Tooms, you’ll never look at an air duct the same way again.


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