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Air conditioners help in keeping a place cool during hot seasons. It maintains a certain room temperature and improves air quality.

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A/C circulates, cleans and filtrates air for a certain closed space. Moreover, A/C coils play an important role for the equipment to function well. For a moment, have you noticed little changes in your A/C performance?

Like any other device, A/C coils need proper care and maintenance. A/C Coil Cleaning is integral in keeping a perfect and long-term A/C system.

Cleaning can help you maintain, save money and extend the shelf life of your A/Cs. As much as we want to stay cool during hot weathers, having your A/Cs checked is essential.

In Pittsburgh, Clean Air Duct Pitt offers air duct cleaning services that are ideal to your needs. Call our team and we will do the cleaning.

Types of A/C Coil

It is time to pay attention to your A/C coils. When trouble occurs, knowing which type of coil causes the issue is beneficial.

Condenser Coil. Placed outside of an A/C unit. It removes the heat in a room and converts it into a cool air.

Condenser coils are under constant pressure. The refrigerants enter the coils and convert into fluid. These fluids reject the heat from the surface of the converter.

Evaporator Coil. It pumps the refrigerant using a low-pressure. Then the refrigerant evaporates and releases cold air. During the process, it absorbs the heat from the heat converter.

Now, knowing the types will help you decide if you want to do the cleaning or let our team do the job. We commit to a fast and reliable working speed. Call our staff and we will be on our way.

Significance of Cleaning A/C Coils

Several factors can contribute in making your A/C lose control. The amount of air released along with dirt, dust, debris and other pollutants can be harmful.

Overtime, an uncleaned A/C coil can be upsetting. The accumulation reduces the ability of the A/C to function well. In extreme cases, the electricity bill soars high.

Dirty A/C coils can make it harder for the device to function well. In short, a clean coil means an efficient function. Here are some reasons on why it needs regular cleaning:

  • Longer Cooling Time. Dirty and unmaintained A/C coils can extend its cooling time. It is stressing when the A/C takes up too much time in cooling a certain space. So, it is important to keep it clean at all times.
  • Compromised Comfort. Air conditioners improve air quality and provide comfort to the users. It also removes unwanted humidity and maintains a certain level of coolness. Excessive dirt on the coils will reduce its effectiveness and increase humidity.
  • Low Cooling Capability. Accumulation of dirt on the coils will let the A/C release heat rather than cool air.
  • Constant Repair and Replacement. System failure can lead to excessive repair and replacement costs. It is important to keep the coils clean to avoid further costs for repair and replacement.
  • Accumulation of Wear and Tear. Overtime, an unattended A/C coil will have wear and tear. Protecting and keeping the cils from wears will avoid excessive repair costs.

Now, you are well aware of the reasons on why you need to keep your A/C Coils clean. Have Clean Air Duct Pitt ease your worries. Our team provides a reliable working speed and will check each A/C accessory.

When to call Clean Air Duct Pitt?

When A/C fails to function on a normal basis, then it means trouble. Like any other device, A/C coils need attention.

Cleaning the coils depends on how frequent you use the A/C. It is ideal to schedule a yearly maintenance performed by a trusted professional.

Moreover, having it cleaned before summer will be beneficial. If you experience the following, call our team and we will fix it for you.

  • Longer cooling time.
  • Heat transfer rarely happens.
  • Increased in energy consumption.
  • Existence of wear and tear.
  • Changes on the operating temperatures and pressure releases.

A malfunctioning A/C can take up at least 40 percent of a normal energy consumption. Seeking help from our team will help you save up a few dollars and avoid excessive energy costs.

Expert in A/C Coil Cleaning in Pittsburgh

Regular cleaning and maintenance will enhance the performance of your A/Cs. Clean Air Duct Pitt will save you from any A/C coil trouble.

Our team will not only focus on the coils, but to the other parts. We make sure that all parts are working before concluding our work.

We commit to a 100% working result. Moreover, we care about your concerns and share reliable cleaning tips that you can do.

If you live in Pittsburgh, our services will be yours to enjoy. Call us and we will be at your doorstep ASAP. You can add A/C coil maintenance along with other services you need.

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