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    Do you smell an unpleasant scent coming from your air duct system?

    If it does, you might want to call a technician to check the culprit for this problem.

    If the technician said that your air duct is too dirty, you might need to consider cleaning them.

    That’s because without having the proper maintenance or duct cleaning, the moisture will start to grow mildew and mold.

    When this happens, your business can be affected and the health of your employees.

    At Clean Air Duct Pittsburgh, we have a team of professional technicians who can conduct a thorough examination and clean your air duct.

    In this way, your employees and clients will get comfortable working with you.

    We are open from Monday to Friday, including weekends, without an extra charge fee.

    Additionally, we offer other services, such as dryer vent cleaning.

    If you need any of the services above, kindly keep in touch with us.

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    Why Do You Need Air Duct Cleaning For Your Company?

    Unlike residential homes, a commercial business has a vast air duct system that flows through the entire building.

    So, if your ar duct grew bacteria and molds, it can affect the airflow that will be released on your company.

    Additionally, if a client suddenly notices some kind of bad smell in your building, their mood might change, and your deal with them might get affected.

    That’s why it’s best to practice annual maintenance to ensure that the airflow is clean and will not affect your business.

    You can call your trusted technicians from a well-known company like us to provide a thorough cleaning of your air duct system.

    If you can maintain the cleanliness of your air duct system, you won’t have a problem for a longer time.

    Do You Need Help From Professionals?

    Professional technicians can be the only person who can clean an air duct correctly and adequately.

    If you have a business building, don’t ask the janitors to clean the entire air duct.

    That’s because they don’t have the proper tools to clean the system one hundred percent.

    That’s why it’s for the best if you let the expert technicians handle the problem.

    Additionally, don’t hire an amateur one who can offer you a cheap cleaning process.

    They can clean your air duct system but not as one hundred percent clean as a professional do.

    So, if you encounter such one, you can ask them for their id and experiences.

    Professional technicians have the skills, certification, and years of experience in the business.

    That’s why they should show you the proof of their professionalism.

    When Do You Need Air Duct Cleaning Services?

    You will notice many indicators when you need to have an air duct cleaning service.

    The first sign is increased dust on your office and the entire building.

    If you notice this circumstance, you might want to call a technician to check it up.

    Another sign is your energy bill suddenly increased.

    The reason behind this is that your air duct system has too many molds and mildew, causing the HVAC to work hard.

    Finally, if you smell an unpleasant scent coming from the air duct, it means that the molds, mildew, bacteria, or, worst, a dead rat are causing the problem.

    If you observe this indication, you should immediately contact your trusted technicians to conduct a cleaning process.

    A foul smell can harm the health of you, your employees, and your clients.

    When this happens, they might get sick, which will negatively impact your business.

    Additionally, your company’s reputation will get affected, too, as many clients might back out.

    So, to prevent this scenario, you should do annual maintenance on your air duct and other appliance in the company.

    24/7 Air Duct Cleaning Services

    If you need an urgent cleaning service, don’t hesitate to call us.

    Our team is always ready in case of an urgent call from our clients.

    We can arrive at your place on time without any delay.


    Cleaning your air duct system is essential as maintaining the top condition of your other equipment and appliance in your building.

    That’s why if you notice the signs we’ve mentioned above, keep in touch with our company.

    Let our professional technicians handle the problem and call us now!

    A house is where we find comfort and rest after long working hours.

    Having a clean and clear room is what makes it look homey.

    On the other hand, a dirty and dusty room adds too much stress to our environment, sometimes affecting our health.

    Thus, making sure that all the corners of your place are clean should be part of your lifestyle.

    Did you know that dirty air ducts are one of the several possible reasons why there are some dust particles present at your place?

    Air ducts or AC ducts are a plentiful supply of warm or cold air ventilation; however, dust particles from outside or cleaning your place can quickly fill the vents.

    It is vital to have an occasional air duct cleaning for a more comfortable room and better use of your air conditioning.

    A trained technician must perform proper cleaning, particularly for commercial establishments that use more extensive Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) ductwork.

    If you are looking for a Commercial Air Duct Cleaning Company in Pittsburgh, you can always call Clean Air Duct Pittsburgh for reliable services.

    You can reach us anytime!

    Our customer service is open 24 hours every day to answer all of your concerns.

    What are the Benefits of having a Clean Air Duct?

    Most homeowners take the importance of air duct cleaning for granted and never truly understand its benefits.

    They presume that vent cleaning is associated with cleaning floors, carpets, gutters, and other house parts.

    However, one should understand that vents or air ducts are comparable to a human’s respiratory system.

    When a person is not getting enough air circulation, i.e., oxygen, they will need a respirator.

    Similarly, our heating and cooling system requires proper ventilation to function optimally.

    Here is a list of air duct cleaning benefits to comprehend its importance.

    Cleaner and More Comfortable Environment

    A cleaner and more comfortable environment is the prime benefit of having a professional technician clean your air ducts.

    It decreases the chances of pest infestation, mold growth, and the circulation of dust particles in your living space.

    Moreover, thoroughly cleaned vents prevent frequent cleaning and dusting activities inside your house.

    As a result, it is more convenient to maintain a clean and polished home.

    Additionally, a clean air duct can control allergens or other substances that can cause allergic reactions to the residents.

    Thus, having your ductworks clean creates a comfortable environment where you can breathe and move easier.

    Reduces Unpleasant Odors

    Several factors contribute to the smell that circulates your place.

    It could be your pets, molds, rodents, spoiled food, sweats, etc.

    Each time the air conditioner is working, these random odors inside your house will circulate through the house, leaving an unexpected stinky smell when the ducts are too dirty to function.

    Indeed, we do not want that kind of scent.

    Thus, conducting a thorough cleaning eliminates all trapped odor inside your house.

    Improves Air Flow and Energy Efficiency

    Ductworks with a heavy amount of dust and smuts can limit the airflow from the air conditioner.

    Restricted air circulation means your unit will have a hard time operating and will use more energy to heat or cool your surroundings.

    Consequently, a clean system will work at the most cost-effective performance since the air can flow properly.

    When do I need to conduct an Air Duct Cleaning?

    There is no specific time frame (e.g., yearly, quarterly, monthly, etc.) when you conduct commercial air duct cleaning.

    However, there are conditions that you should consider for immediate cleaning.

    Schedule an appointment for your to clean your air ducts when it has:

    1. Presence of pests infestation such as rodents, cockroaches, etc.

    The vermin infestation can cause viruses or infections, which is terrible for our health.

    1. You can see noticeable mold growth on ducts and other system parts.

    Insulated air ducts tend to get wet or moist, eventually turning into molds that you cannot clean easily.

    To effectively remove these molds, the ducts must be removed and replaced.

    1. There is the presence of the clogged and congested excess amount of dust, debris, and other particles that came from your place.

    Excess amounts of dust piling inside the ducts will eventually find a way out and irritate your surroundings.

    If you face any of these signs, you can discuss the matters with your HVAC Maintenance Specialist.

    They can inspect the problem and troubleshoot what is causing the mold growth or increasing dust particles.

    Bottom line – Contact Clean Air Duct in Pittsburgh

    Having your HVAC ductworks clean is suitable for your wellbeing and environment.

    If you own a business establishment, it is suitable for your business to have the air ducts sanitized.

    In this way, you can keep your staff and customers safe from viruses, infections, or allergies.

    Cleaning air ducts on your own is possible, but it can create unwanted accidents, especially if you do not know the mechanism of an HVAC system.

    It is advisable to hire a professional air duct cleaning company for efficient cleaning.

    You can contact Clean Air Duct Pittsburgh for reliable and thorough cleaning services.

    Our exclusive cleaning procedure integrates a powerful air duct vacuum that can remove even the tiniest dust particle.

    Moreover, our talented and certified HVAC Technicians and Maintenance Specialists perform the cleaning process.

    To learn more about our services, you may contact us through call or email!

    Our customer service will be delighted to accommodate your concerns.

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