Jamie Minor, Austin woman missing since May, found dead in building air duct

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    Jamie Minor, Austin woman missing since May, found dead in building air duct

    Jamie Minor

    Personal Photo

    (CBS/AP) AUSTIN, Texas – The body of 26-year-old Jamie Minor, a woman reported missing in late May, has been found stuck in an exhaust vent duct of a downtown Austin building.

    Police say there is no evidence of foul play.

    Police say detectives found Minor’s body Saturday, jammed in the duct between the first and second floors of an inaccessible part of the building.

    Police believe she entered the duct of her own free will on the third floor of an attached parking garage.

    Minor’s supervisor is said to have sent her home early the night of May
    23rd because she had been acting “strangely,” reports station KTSM.  “This appears to be an incredibly tragic accidental death,” said Austin Police Commander Juloe O’Brien.

    According to the station, evidence at the scene suggests Minor climbed into the duct on the third floor of the attached parking lot and became trapped between the first and second floors of the building.

    In surveillance video, Minor was seen trying to get into a side alley door of the building, KTSM reports.

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