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    In the new normal, staying at home is one of the best things you could do.

    But even at home, you may feel discomfort with the air you’re breathing.

    Why? The home’s air vents could be the problem.

    Maintenance and cleaning services is what you need for a comfortable and safe stay.

    This task could be difficult and dangerous for you.

    We, the Clean Air Duct Pitt could offer you some of our help with our professionals to do the work for you.

    Vent Cleaning Services

    Our company has a wide range of expertise when it comes to vent cleaning.

    The following are the services we may offer to you:

    Dryer Vent Cleaning

    Dryer vents work as a passageway to let the heated air out from your home as it is not advisable to expel it indoors.

    You may not give significant attention to your dryer vent, but did you know? If forgotten, dirt may pile up and your dryer vent becomes a hazard to your very own home.

    Regular maintenance is necessary for these vents to avoid possible circumstances that may give danger to you and your family.

    This job could not be easy so it is better to trust this kind of work to the experts.

    Some stuff could also be dangerous, so we suggest that you must seek help to a professional like us for cleaning your vents.

    Bathroom Fan Exhaust Cleaning

    Your bathroom is where you clean yourself, so the room itself must be clean first.

    A dirty fan in your bathroom will make it not work efficiently and lets you have uncomfortable feelings while taking a bath.

    An exhaust fan covered with dust will trap the excess moisture that would eventually lead to molds.

    As you remove the cover, you may see how much dust and grime has already built-up in your exhaust fan.

    It would probably be hard for you to clean it yourself and of course it is unsafe for a non-professional to take actions in this type of device.

    For a thorough clean and safe maintenance, give the job to our professionals and we will make things easier and much safer for you.

    A/C Coil Cleaning

    Air conditioners function to give you comfort in your home by cooling your air.

    And just like any other vents in your home, this vent system also needs the same amount of attention.

    Dust would likely be trapped inside making it reduce its cooling capacity over time, also resulting in an increased amount of electric consumption.

    Maintaining this vent system could be somehow complicated as it contains small debris in the unit and may cause permanent damage to the device if not properly handled.

    It could also be dangerous as it is an electrical device and it would be hard if you do the job on your own.

    Safety is the most important so we recommend that you seek for our expertise.

    Our professionals are ready to do your job and we will properly handle your device with care to avoid possible damages and for it to be long lasting.

    Range Hood Cleaning

    Your range hood may receive the least of your attention.

    Its job is to serve as a passageway of the smoke generated from cooking, and letting it out rather than having these circulate inside your home.

    Because of this, range hoods are also prone to piling dirt and grease which would make it less ineffective over time if left uncleaned.

    To maintain the capacity or your range hood, the greasy filters must be regularly cleaned and we know that it would be hard for you to do the job on your own.

    A guide from experts is essential as you maintain and clean your device for safe and efficient work.

    That is why we are here; our professionals are absolutely amazing and efficient in this type of work.

    Need Help? Call Us!

    Air Ducts of different characteristics need different approaches in cleaning.

    To easily make the job done and ensure safety, let us – professionals do the work for you.

    In our company, we offer various services that will meet your needs for Air Duct Cleaning Service in Brighton Heights, Pittsburgh.

    The Clean Air Duct Pitt services would gladly help you.

    So, what are you waiting for? Give us a call and consider your problem solved!

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