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    Like all things, air ducts will also accumulate dirt through time and use.

    Leaving it unchecked for many years can cause your air ducts to be clogged with debris like bags of dust and dirt.

    This debris can contaminate the air that is being recycled through your air ducts.

    And having dirty air ducts can not only be detrimental to one’s health but can also decrease the efficiency of your air duct’s system.

    Cleaning air ducts isn’t easy without proper tools and knowledge. That is why there are companies that specialize in air duct cleaning.

    We at Clean Air Duct Pitt not only are certified but we also provide our customers with the highest quality service here in Mt. Washington, Pittsburgh.

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    Clean Air Duct Pitt in Mt Washington, Pittsburgh

    On average, an air duct can build up to 18 pounds of dirt every year.

    This dirt can not only be carried by the recycled air throughout your home but it can also clog your air duct.

    A clogged air duct will increase your energy bill consumption as it will put more effort into recycling the air more than usual.

    Thus, it is beneficial to regularly clean and maintain your air ducts for a safe and healthy environment at your home or business.

    If you are looking for air duct cleaning services then it will be easy having to hire professionals here in Mt Washington, Pittsburgh

    Clean Air Duct Pitt is a certified company that specializes in cleaning air ducts. We have our specially trained experts that are equipped for different kinds of air duct cleaning services.

    You can call us 24/7 and we’ll be there at a moment’s notice.

    What Do We Offer

    Having clean air to breathe is akin to having a healthy body. Thus, it is imperative to clean your air ducts every three to five years.

    We at Clean Air Duct Pitt offers residential and commercial air duct cleaning services.

    We also offer services the following services:

    Dryer Vent Cleaning

    The dryer Vent is mainly responsible for the operation of drying clothes. Also without it, there is a significant risk for fire.

    As it is a tube-like shape, the possibility of it being clogged is very high. Debris may form such as dirt and bags of dust.

    Maintaining it for optimal use is inexpensive and is beneficial for your health.

    Cleaning it does require specific tools such as vacuums, so it is best to leave it to a professional who specializes in cleaning air ducts.

    Bath Fan Exhaust Cleaning

    Bath fan exhaust’s function is to clear moisture and odor inside your bathroom.

    Most people use it when their mirror fogs up, they turn on the fan for it to clear.

    Having to put up with a dirty air duct will degrade your bath time experience.

    Regularly checking and cleaning it will keep the exhaust’s durability and work efficiently.

    Hiring experts for cleaning your bath fan exhaust is advisable as it needs proper experience in dealing with your duct’s system.

    A/C Coil Cleaning

    Your A/C coil is responsible for absorbing the heat and also at the same time provides cool air inside your home. Remember that these can easily get clogged.

    A clogged A/C coil can block the airflow and can reduce the system’s ability to cool the air.

    Preventing it to build up contaminants will surely reduce the risk of inhaling a harmful substance that is mixed in the air. The quality of air will also improve as it will also increase the airflow.

    Thus, it is important to hire professionals when evaluating your A/C coil for it to work efficiently and have a clean and healthy environment.

    Trust And Leave the Air Duct Cleaning To Us

    What good will it do if the home you are resting in doesn’t have a comfortable environment and easy to breathe air.

    We at Clean Air Duct Pitt are here to serve you

    We specialize in cleaning your air ducts with our team of experts that are fully equipped with proper tools and equipment.

    If you are resident in Mt Washington, Pittsburgh, then try calling us and avail of our services.

    Our experts will provide the best service even on short notices.

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