Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

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    Kitchen exhaust systems and commercial hoods can get pretty greasy, dusty, and grimy overtime.

    Unmaintained exhaust systems can put your workers, customers, and property in great danger.

    They are a major fire hazard.

    When the heat builds up due to the lack of proper airflow, the flammable grease and debris on the exhaust and hood could catch fire.

    Because of this, you need a reliable team of exhaust cleaning specialists to clean your kitchen exhausts.

    Clean Air Duct Pittsburgh technicians have been working with all kinds of exhaust systems all over Pittsburgh.

    We can professionally clean your kitchen exhaust systems and commercial hood.

    We also offer expert air duct and vent cleaning.

    Equipped with our specialized cleaning tools and years of experience, our technicians can turn your exhaust and hood into its bare metal form.

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    How Often Should You Clean Kitchen Exhausts and Hoods?

    Cleaning kitchen exhausts and hoods is indispensable in ensuring the clean and safe operation of your business.

    Especially since you handle fire and food, you need to ensure that your area is free from germs and flammable items.

    To achieve this, you need to periodically clean your kitchen exhaust system and range hood.

    The NFPA recommends that you clean the entire system at least once a month to once per year.

    The cleaning frequency depends on factors such as the amount and type of food you cook, and the type of fuel you use.

    Although, if you can clean your hoods more often, you should do that to maintain cleanliness and safety.

    We advise that you clean grill line hoods every 2-3 months.

    On the other hand, you can do prep hood or oven hood cleaning every 6 months.

    Cleaning Your Kitchen Exhaust For Safety Reasons

    Grease and dirt accumulation on your kitchen vents can pose a safety risk for your employees and customers.

    Take note that grease is flammable, and you work with fire.

    If these two combined, you’ll end up in a huge fire that could lead to property losses, injuries, and deaths.

    Because of this hazard, you should routinely clean and maintain your kitchen exhaust.

    Kitchen exhaust maintenance guarantees that your space is not at risk of catching fire.

    It will ensure that your kitchen work area is clean and safe for food preparation.

    Thus, you’ll be more efficient since you can focus on more productive tasks.

    Additionally, proper maintenance will add more serviceable years to the life of your equipment.

    Pittsburgh Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

    Our company understands that among your business’ top priorities is the safety of everyone.

    That’s why we offer our expert kitchen exhaust cleaning services all around Pittsburgh.

    Our certified cleaning specialists are committed to providing you with a safe and clean kitchen area.

    They are outfitted with high-quality tools and equipment to conduct professional and efficient cleaning.

    Among the measures our team takes to thoroughly clean your exhaust system is degreasing and pressure washing.

    These techniques will leave you with a bare metal kitchen exhaust system that’s like-new.

    Pittsburgh Commercial Hood Cleaning

    From food businesses to hospitals and other commercial properties with kitchen hoods, our team guarantees high-quality cleaning.

    We perform reliable cleaning methods and techniques that comply with unique local regulations.

    We also conduct hood cleaning services when it’s most convenient for your business.

    Because we don’t want to interrupt your engagements, our team works as efficiently and fast as we can.

    We utilize specialized tools and high-grade equipment, like pressure-washers for that to be possible.

    We assure you that you’ll attain a thorough commercial hood cleaning service in Pittsburgh.

    Hood Filter Replacement

    Besides hood and exhaust cleaning, we also offer hood filter repair and replacement.

    If your hood has become severely greasy and gunky, your indoor kitchen air will suffer.

    If the filter is too old, damaged, and no longer repairable, we will replace it with high-quality range filters.

    Our technicians can help you choose the best replacement hood filter that will suit your needs.

    For the best kitchen exhaust and hood cleaning services in Pittsburgh, call Clean Air Duct Pittsburgh.

    Our team of highly skilled technicians will provide you with quality cleaning services.

    If you call us now, we can immediately send you a team to restore your kitchen exhaust and hood.

    Set an appointment with us now!

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