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    Laundry Vent Cleaning Experts

    Laundry or dryer vents are an essential component of your clothes dryer.

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    It plays a major role in effectively removing moisture from your clothes.

    On top of that, it’s also vital in the safe operation of your clothes dryer.

    Unmaintained dryer vents can get clogged with lint, dust, and other debris.

    Because airflow is obstructed, heat could buildup in your laundry vent and drying appliance and starts a fire.

    No one wants to experience such a disaster.

    Because of that, you need to routinely maintain your dryer vents.

    If you need professionals to clean your laundry vents, contact us at Clean Air Duct Pittsburgh.

    Our team consists of certified and highly-skilled technicians who can adeptly clean your ducts and vents.

    We are equipped with professional-grade tools and equipment to conduct air duct cleaning in Pittsburgh.

    Call us now for a prompt and timely vent and duct cleaning service.

    Why Should You Do Laundry Vent Cleaning?

    Lint, fibers, and dust can easily accumulate in your clothes dryer.

    Especially if you use it all the time, your vent could easily become loaded with such debris.

    Unclean or blocked laundry vents could lead to disastrous situations.

    They pose a major fire hazard and the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning inside your house.

    Additionally, dirty dryer vents can reduce the energy efficiency of your dryer appliance.

    As a result, it will take longer to dry your clothes and your energy bills will surge.

    To avoid these things from happening, you should make it a habit to clean your dryer vents from time to time.

    Cleaning Your Laundry Vents To Prevent Fires

    One of the major reasons for clothes dryer-related fires in the US is failure to clean your dryer.

    Blocked dryer vents cause about 3000 clothes dryer-related fires every year.

    This means there are injuries, property damages, and even deaths resulting from the fire — all because of improper dryer vent maintenance.

    To ensure that fire won’t start in your clothes dryer, you should keep your vents free of fibers and lints.

    These materials can easily catch fire in case your dryer appliance heats up.

    With professional laundry cleaning, we will eliminate all the fire hazards in your laundry vents.

    Laundry Vent Cleaning For Better Energy-Efficiency

    Cleaning your dryer vents remove clogs and debris that are preventing efficient airflow.

    Because of this, your dryer appliance can effectively eliminate the moisture from your clothes.

    That means it’ll take you less time to thoroughly dry your clothes.

    Accordingly, your energy consumption will be reduced.

    How Often Should You Clean Your Laundry Vents?

    Our expert technicians recommend that you clean your dryer vents once every six months.

    If you use your clothes dryer more often, you can clean your vents every 3-4 months.

    Regular laundry vent cleaning and maintenance will prevent the excessive buildup of flammable lint and fibers.

    Thus, you’ll less likely experience dryer-related house fires.

    Residential Laundry Vent Cleaning in Pittsburgh

    Laundry vent cleaning is best done by professional technicians.

    They have the specialized tools and equipment to conduct vent cleaning effectively.

    Not only that, but they also have the experience and technical knowledge to clean dryer vents properly.

    If you’re tasked to clean your vents at home, drop the task and hire us.

    Let our expert vent cleaning specialists handle the dirty work of cleaning your residential laundry vent for you.

    Prompt and Efficient Laundry Vent Cleaning in Pittsburgh

    Our technicians are highly trained to work quickly and efficiently.

    Because we have been in the industry for many years, you can expect us to work fast and properly.

    Once you call us, we will immediately go to your place for same-day cleaning.

    We utilize effective and systematic cleaning methods to clean your dryer vents within the hour.

    Additionally, our technicians use professional-grade vacuum cleaners and pressurized air for cleaning.

    You can expect our team to provide you with an immaculate laundry vent within the hour.

    Pittsburgh Professional Laundry Vent Cleaners

    If you live in Pittsburgh, our team at Clean Air Duct Pittsburgh can provide you with professional laundry vent cleaning service.

    For many years, our technicians have been cleaning various types of vents in residential and commercial areas.

    Our experience and specialized cleaning equipment aid us in providing high-quality vent and duct cleaning services.

    We guarantee you that we’ll leave your laundry vents in an impeccable condition.

    Call us now for same-day professional air vent and duct cleaning in Pittsburgh.

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