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    Range hood, also called vent hood, is a part of a modern kitchen set-up. It improves the quality of air within the kitchen.

    It also removes grease, odor, smoke and other contaminants in the air while cooking.

    As an essential part, it is vital to keep it cleaned and maintained. Range hood cleaning is often overlooked.

    It is time to do some cleaning and seek professional care. After all, we want to have well-working vent hoods.

    Clean Air Duct Pitt offers a great air duct cleaning service within Pittsburgh. You can call our team and we will be at your service any time.

    Why do you need to clean your vent hoods?

    Kitchen design has made progress through the years. Range hoods have come more prominent and recognition of its importance is on the roll.

    As more people own vent hoods, it is ideal for every homeowner to have their hoods cleaned. Materials like steel, copper and bronze are prone to wear and tear.

    Cooking produces grease, moisture, odor and smoke. By the help of range hoods, all these unwanted things will no longer be a problem.

    Constant use of the vent hoods will deteriorate its capability to remove pollutants. Excessive build-up will cause fire risks and damage to the equipment.

    A clean range hood will avoid risks of contamination and other health hazards. Besides, a well-maintained range hood will avoid fire risks and improve safety.

    Here are some reasons about why it is important to clean the range hoods:

    • Avoid fire hazards. The main purpose of vent hoods is to remove pollutants and ventilate. Having it cleaned and free from any grease will avoid fire ignition.

    Grease fires are dangerous so ensuring that it is free from troubles will save you a few dollars.

    • Lessen Particle Emissions. Dirty or soiled range hoods will fail to function efficiently. Particles unstuck on the vents are free to roam within the premises.

    Clean vent hoods avoid the spreading of unwanted particles. No particle emissions mean the air is properly ventilated.

    Scheduling regular maintenance from a trusted company will ease all your troubles. In Pittsburgh, Clean Air Duct Pitt offers a great air duct cleaning service. We have an experienced repair team and staff that will be able to solve any issue.

    Possible Risks with Uncleaned Range Hoods

    As a homeowner, we like to keep everything on track. Here are some risks with an uncleaned vent hoods:

    • Exhaust fan directed upwards. This issue can direct the flames of the ducts making it dangerous.
    • Accumulation of grease on the ducts. Excessive grease can be a source of fuel which might carry file into the duct system.

    This kind of problem needs attention immediately. Call our customer service team and will solve the problem for you.

    • High flames might flare up or sudden stove fires.
    • Flames in contact with the filters need proper intervention from a professional.

    Calling a professional to deal with the above-mentioned risks is ideal. Moreover, seeking help from our staff will be beneficial to you and to your range hoods. Take time and make every effort to avoid fire risks and call out our team.

    The Secret to an Ideal Kitchen Ventilation

    Regardless of the design, size and orientation, a kitchen needs proper ventilation. To do so, range hoods are perfect for the job.

    Clean range hood helps in circulating good air and removes unwanted odor. Maintaining the quality and efficiency is vital to avoid kitchen troubles.

    Moreover, seeking help from our team will be beneficial to your kitchen. We clean and ensure a great service. Call us and we will be at your place ASAP.

    Range Hood Cleaning in Pittsburgh

    Grease accumulation and particle emissions take longer to happen. But, avoiding vent hood trouble ahead of time will help you save a few bucks.

    Overtime, range hoods lose their function and cause trouble. You can clean the range hoods yourself but it is ideal to seek professional touch. An expert from our team will help you sort all vent hood issues.

    To help you understand, here are some things you need to know about Clean Air Duct Pitt:

    • Efficient and Reliable. Range hood cleaning is a dangerous job. It needs an expert to go over with all the details and proper execution of the cleaning process. Our staff will do the job right and work efficiently.
    • Avoid Excessive Cost in Cleaning and Repair. Calling our team will help you avoid extra payment. Our team will do the cleaning job without causing more troubles. Moreover, you can save time and effort by letting our team do the cleaning.
    • Check all Range Hood accessories and Parts. Clean Air Duct Pitt will not only address the concerned area, but will check other parts. We make sure that all vent hood parts are working before concluding our work.
    • Conforms to the Fire Codes. We make sure that all our cleaning works conforms with the stated fire codes. Our team is aware of the latest fire codes and will make sure your hoods are following the right code.

    In Pittsburgh, Clean Air Duct Pitt will be on standby and will respond to any of your vent hood troubles.

    Call our team and we will gladly solve the range hood issue for you.

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