Tips To Reduce Dust in your Home

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    You’ve probably wondered how to reduce dust in your home if you have allergy sufferers in your family.

    Unless you live in a bubble, dust is unavoidable.

    The average house acquires 40 pounds of dust in a year, according to one study.

    But don’t mistake all that dust for just dirt and sloppy cleaning.

    It is a combination of a lot of things.

    We typically hear dust is composed primarily of dead skin.

    However, this is not the case at all.

    Household dust is a mixture of animal dander, carpet fluff, clothes fibers, and dirt tracked indoors according to experts.

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    While no amount of cleaning will eliminate dust in your home, these tips to reduce dust in your home will assist you.

    Maintain a Daily Cleaning Schedule

    When it comes to dust, prevention is the best medicine.

    Create a daily cleaning schedule and stick to it as much as possible.

    Sure, you will miss a day here and there because you are exhausted from work and afterschool activities.

    That’s ok, but make sure you finish what you started the next day.

    Otherwise, dust will overrun your house.

    Clean in a Systematic Manner

    Are you cleaning your house in the correct order?

    For example, if you vacuum your living room then clean your light fixtures, some dust will fall to the floor.

    That means all of your vacuuming work and effort went for naught.

    When cleaning the house, start at the top and work your way down.

    Vacuuming or dust mopping should be the last chore you finish in each area.

    You should do this, especially if you are seeking strategies to keep dust out of your home.

    Wipe Down and Dust Surfaces

    Naturally, one of the most effective ways to eliminate dust in the home is to clean it up.

    When dusting, utilize microfiber cloths or cleaning products.

    The microfiber’s specific makeup makes it the ideal material for eliminating small dust particles.

    We also recommend cleaning blinds, washboards, room corners, closet floors, and other disregarded locations.

    It is usually at these places where we accumulate dirt, cobwebs, and especially dust.

    Weekly Washing of your Beddings

    Some may consider washing sheets and pillowcases once a week to be excessive.

    However, you shed off skin, hair, and body fluids while sleeping.

    This event means that the bed you sleep in isn’t clean as you would imagine.

    Make sure you wash your bed linens at least once a week.

    Regularly Using your Vaccum

    First and foremost, get rid of that broom because it is causing more harm than good.

    Many people are unaware that sweeping generate more dust than it removes.

    You better pick up your vacuum cleaner if you’re trying to figure out how to reduce dust in your home.

    Vacuuming should be done twice or three times a week in high-traffic areas.

    Even in the less-used section, you should do the cleaning at least once a week.

    Organize Clutter

    There are piles of trash and debris just waiting for the dust to collect.

    You want to keep this mess under control while deciding how to eliminate dust in your home.

    Identify the most crowded location of your home.

    These areas include your doorway, mudroom, closets, or kitchen counter.

    Then you have to seek the help of your family to keep these rooms surfaces tidy.

    Consider Filters

    A high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter is a non-cleaning technique for decreasing dust mites in your house.

    Pollen and dust mites are trapped by HEPA filters making it less likely for you to breathe them in.

    Invest in a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter to take your home’s air quality to the next level.

    Reducing Dust in Pittsburgh

    It is nearly impossible to keep a home entirely dust-free.

    You can, however, figure out how to limit the quantity of dust and dust mites that travel your home.

    With these tips to reduce dust in your home, your home will be a safer haven for your family.

    With a bit of consciousness and effort, you will lessen your dust problems.

    Do you want to get rid of as much dust as possible?

    Start with a clean slate by learning how to clean your home deep properly.

    Or better yet, call us at Clean Air Duct Pittsburgh to take care of the dust bunnies for you.

    We are available 24/7 wherever you are in Pittsburgh.

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