Top Fixes For a Dusty House In Pittsburgh

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    Every household out there desires to have a home that is free from all kinds of dust and contaminants.

    However, completely eliminating the presence of dust can be extremely hard to do, and sometimes, the best you can get is to reduce its presence.

    Dust can come from all sorts of things and it can come from even the most unexpected of things.

    The dust in your homes may be due to pollen or soil which comes from outside your homes and comes in with you as you enter the premises.

    It can also be due to dust mites, pet dandruff, dead skin, insect droppings, and many more.

    And as it can come from almost everything, unless you set up your home exactly like a clean room, dust will eventually find its way into your homes again.

    But what exactly can you do if you find yourself in a situation like this?

    To help you out, here are some of the top fixes for a dusty house in Pittsburgh.

    Re-evaluating your method of dusting

    One of the most common reasons as to why your homes are very dusty could lie with your method of dusting or how you clean the dust present in your homes.

    The most problematic of all these methods is what you would call dry dusting.

    Basically, dry dusting is when you try dusting or removing dust by simply wiping it off with a dry piece of cloth and rag.

    The problem with this method is that since dust, pollen, and other contaminants present in your homes are dry as well, dry dusting basically just pushes the stuff around into the atmosphere of your homes, flying around freely before it settles down once again somewhere else.

    In order to effectively gather the dust inside your home, you can try switching to wet dusting.

    With wet dusting, dust and other contaminants stick to the rag’s wet surface rather than flying again freely into the atmosphere.

    There are a lot of other methods out there you can try in order to effectively remove dust from your homes.

    There are commercial cleaners, dusting aids, or even safer options that make use of natural household items such as water and cider vinegar.

    Having a no-shoe zone in your homes

    Another method of taking care of the dust in your homes is by having a no-shoe zone inside.

    One of the main contributors to dust in your homes is your outdoor shoes.

    Basically, when you go outdoors, your shoes gather a lot of dust and pollen from the ground and everywhere else and when you enter your homes, it drags it around your floor’s surface allowing it to settle in your homes.

    Try establishing a rule such as a shoe-off-the-door policy and this should be able to help you somewhat minimize the presence of dust in your homes.

    Cleaning your floors more frequently

    When you find your home dusty, the biggest area of your homes in which all this dust settles is on your floors.

    Since the floor is the largest area of your home, it is only expected that a big portion of the contaminants present in your homes settles in them.

    And this is exactly why one of the easiest ways, in order to get rid of all this dust, is by cleaning your floors.

    You can clean your floors by having them vacuumed and mopped on a regular basis so that you are ensured that dust will not be able to stay long within your homes.

    It is recommended that you do this at least twice a week however; you can also do this every day if you really don’t want dust collecting inside your homes.

    Having your air ducts cleaned regularly

    If dust has already entered the vicinity of your homes, then these contaminants can potentially settle in your ducting system.

    An HVAC system works by circulating the air inside your homes on a regular basis.

    This means that all the dust, pollen, and contaminants could ride the air entering your vents and are getting filtered before having the air released and completes the cycle.

    When this happens, all of these unwanted contaminants just stay there in your air ducts, gathering and gathering over time.

    And when they get big enough, they can even enter right back into your homes causing all sorts of health issues and the like.

    If this situation is true for you, then the best way to deal with it is by having a professional clean your air ducts regularly.

    With the right tools and proper equipment, all the stored contaminants in your dust can be removed indefinitely from your homes.

    We at Clean Air Duct Pitt assure you that your homes become closer to having a dust-free environment.

    You’re assured to have a better breathing experience over-all.

    Worrying about developing any lung-related diseases or worsening any pre-existing ones would be the last thing on your mind.


    Get your homes as dust-free as can be with these top fixes for a dusty house in Pittsburgh guide.

    With just a little effort and time, you can make sure that dust will no longer be a major problem within your homes.

    If you live in Pittsburgh and are looking for an air duct cleaning company located around the area, you can contact the specialists at Clean Air Duct Pitt.

    With our team of technicians and top-notch equipment, we can surely get the job done in no time.

    Contact us to know more about our various rates and services.

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