Top Reasons To Clean Your Dryer Vents

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    The existence of dryer vents is extremely important especially if you own dryers so it is necessary to make sure to have them maintained and cleaned regularly.

    And the best way to make sure that your dryer vents are well taken care of is to have a trained professional clean them accordingly.

    However, although these vents are very important for your different drying processes at home, it oftentimes is taken for granted and given little thought by most homeowners out there.

    Little do a lot of people know, one of the main reasons why your respective dryers in your homes break down is due to your dryer vents being clogged by high volumes of dirt and debris.

    Cleaning your dryer’s vents can be easy to do as long as you have the required knowledge and tools to do so however, if you don’t have either, then it is best to leave this to your local air duct cleaning technician.

    If you are still not convinced as to why you would need to have your dryer vents cleaned on a regular basis, then here are the top reasons to clean your dryer vents.

    What is a dryer vent?

    Before we get to the different reasons why you need to have your dryer vents cleaned regularly, let us first get to understand what exactly dryer vents are and how do they work.

    So, basically, dryer vents are a means by which you are able to release the excess hot air from all the drying machines in your homes outdoors.

    Venting all the hot air outdoors is necessary because if released indoors, it can cause mold and condensation problems causing you a lot of complications.

    Dryer vents are usually found linked on the vent hood located at the back of your dryer machines.

    They are usually made up of aluminum as other vent materials such as vinyl and plastic are prone to fire hazards especially when exposed to high temperatures.

    From the back of your dryer machine, it is then inserted under your flows or behind your walls to the attic of your homes where it is released outdoors.

    Keeping these vents clean is necessary because they are important in order to make sure that your dryer’s efficiency is not affected.

    If it is clogged, the tendency is it prevents the hot air and moisture from leaving your homes and can even cause your dryer machines to overheat over time.

    Cleaning your dryer vents can be relatively easy to do if it can be removed and reassembled.

    However, if it goes through your walls and floors, then you might need more types of equipment in order to successfully clean it.

    It’s recommended to ask for help from the nearest air duct cleaning company in your area.

    Top reasons for cleaning your dryer vents

    Now that we know how dry vents work and why it is necessary, let us now get to the main topic at hand regarding why exactly your dryer vents should be cleaned.

    There are a lot of reasons why your dryer vents need to be cleaned and maintained regularly.

    After all, if you want your dryers to last longer than it normally would then this is the best way to do so.

    However, with so many reasons for cleaning your vents, we cannot tackle it all in just one article so we will be limiting ourselves to the top 5 most common reasons to clean your dryer vents.

    Without further ado, here are the following:

    1. For safety purposes

    The topmost reason as to why you need to have your dryer vents cleaned and maintained as much as possible is due to the fact that leaving them unattended can be extremely dangerous and risky.

    This is because dryers release hot air into the vents and lints are extremely flammable making them such a dangerous combination.

    It can result in putting your homes on fire at most and to be honest, this is a very high gamble for anyone.

    Why wait for the worst when you can do something to prevent all this from happening right?

    Plus, there is also the added possibility that the fumes are accidentally released into your homes due to leaks and such which can cause all sorts of health-related issues or problems if ignored for a specific amount of time.

    2. To prevent low-efficiency problems with your dryers

    Personally, who wouldn’t want having their appliances at home performing at the best condition possible and as efficiently as can be, right?

    And with clogged dryer vents, this means that it might take more time than it used to before being able to dry your clothes correctly.

    And this is all a result of not being able to reach the proper amount of dry air needed by your dryer to dry your clothes.

    Longer drying times can also mean an increase in your utility bills on top of the inefficiency and underperforming issues.

    And all of these could’ve been easily prevented if you just had your dryer vents cleaned as frequently as possible.

    3. For longer life expectancy on your dryer machines

    As we have previously established, having clogged dryer vents can result in having longer cycle times and extended drying times which could potentially decrease the life span of your dryers.

    Leaving your machines like this could mean that your dryers are working double time and harder than they normally would speeding the wear and tear process of your respective dryer machines.

    4. To prevent molds from forming in your dryer vents

    Another possible outcome of leaving your vents unattended is the possibility of forming molds on the interior of your dryer vents.

    The main purpose of having dryer vents is to release the moisture and hot air from your dryers outside your homes and if your vents are clogged, the moisture is not released which could result in it creating wet spots on the interior side of your vents.

    When built up lint gets in contact with these wet spots, they create molds which can cause further problems if not attended to.

    These wet spots can also cause the lint to stick to the interior walls of your dryer vents making it more difficult to clean your vents.

    5. Lesser need for machine maintenance

    Just like any other machine out there, your dryers also will eventually experience breakdowns and will need to be repaired by a trained professional.

    If you clean your dryer vents regularly and when needed, you are basically eliminating one of the possible reasons as to why your dryer machines breakdown saving you some repair costs along the way.


    Your dryer vents are less noticed compared to your other systems at home since the effects from clogged dryer vents are less likely to be noticed until things actually get worse.

    In order to prevent any future problems with your dryer machines, you should pay more attention to your dryer vents as it has more influence onto it than you ever imagined in the first place.

    If you are unsure on how to clean your dryer vents or if you should get professional assistance for this matter, contact a specialist or an air duct cleaning company near you and consult on what you need to do.

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