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    If you own your own restaurant, then you probably also have a commercial range hood that helps your establishment function efficiently.

    Commercial hoods are important because they make it possible for you to eliminate all the heat, smoke, and vapors that are created during cooking in your kitchen.

    Because of your commercial hoods, hazards such as fire risks and the possibility of it from happening are reduced to a significant amount.

    This being said, a good commercial range hood can indeed ensure your safety and improve the efficiency of your establishments.

    However, just like your dryer vents and air ducts, commercial hoods need to be maintained regularly in order for them to function well and properly.

    Without doing so, a lot of potential problems and issues may arise with your commercial range hoods.

    But where exactly can you find a good and reliable commercial range hood cleaning service in Pittsburgh?

    What are commercial range hoods?

    Before anything else, let us start with understanding exactly what commercial range hoods are and what purpose do they serve.

    Commercial range hoods are basically ventilation systems used to deal with heavy smoke and the like inside a restaurant’s kitchen.

    They make it possible to release the air outside your restaurants making your kitchens easier to work in for your respective employees.

    They are usually several feet long composed of multiple ranges that are installed side by side in restaurants to vent all the cooking exhaust from your kitchens to the outside.

    And since restaurants cook a lot of food on a regular basis, they should choose a powerful commercial range hood suitable for their needs.

    Some of the features that a good and reliable commercial range hood must have are the following:

    • Can perform up to 5000 CFM
    • Is durable and made from sturdy materials
    • Comparably larger than residential range hoods
    • Has fire suppression systems that reduce the risks of fire hazards and the like
    • Has variable speed which can easily be controlled and managed depending on usage

    Why should commercial range hoods be cleaned?

    There are a lot of reasons in which could justify why your commercial range hoods should be cleaned however the main reason it should be done is to prevent fire hazards.

    When grease starts to build up inside your commercial hoods, it can serve as a trigger in which fire can be started once it gets too hot.

    And since restaurants cook food almost all day long, satisfying this condition is not a very difficult thing to do.

    This can potentially put your restaurant at risk, and not only your restaurant but your employees and customers as well.

    Another good reason why commercial range hoods should be cleaned is for health-related concerns.

    Just like with your air ducts, if your hoods are left unattended and ignored for a long period of time, it can also cause or result in a lot of health-related issues and concerns.

    This is because if your range hoods are already dirty and start to clog up, it will not be able to able to vent out properly all the smoke inside your kitchen resulting in an environment that is difficult to breathe in.

    And all these could be prevented if only you make sure to have your commercial range hoods cleaned and maintained regularly.

    Choosing Clean Air Duct

    Having your commercial range hoods cleaned regularly really is a good thing as it brings a lot of benefits especially for the involved parties.

    You are not only making sure that the quality of air inside your establishments is maintained, but as well as assured that risks are properly addressed and prevented.

    However, with so many options to choose from, which air duct cleaning company in Pittsburgh, should you rely on with your commercial range hoods?

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