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    Cleaning your ventilation system requires removing clogged debris such as dirt, dust, cobwebs, molds, and other small objects trapped inside your air ducts.

    If you see these signs on your vents, you should’ve gotten them cleaned right away because these objects hinder ductwork making the air inside your homes unhealthy.

    If possible, cleaning should be done regularly, at least every season, to avoid the risk of having fire hazards inside your home as this debris sometimes ignite itself due to the high temperature and ventilation system’s overheating.

    However, cleaning air ducts by a homeowner himself/herself could most likely cause stress and fatigue if you’re not accustomed to cleaning air ducts.

    It’s mostly recommended that professionals should do the job since they’re the ones who studied and trained cleaning and maintaining air ducts in their best shape.

    If you’re living within the area of Pittsburgh, then we want you to know that we are glad to do the cleaning for you.

    Here in Clean Air Duct Pitt, you can call us anytime and professionals will be rushing to your doorstep.

    Benefits in hiring an Air Duct Cleaning Company in Pittsburgh

    HVAC system functions in leading air in and out of your home.

    It also adjusts the temperature inside your home by supplying cold or hot air to provide you comfort.

    Even so, HVAC needs to be maintained and cleaned for it to function naturally efficiently like it always does.

    That’s why you should take a cleaning service from a certified air duct cleaning company to enhance overall air quality.

    Here are the reasons why:

    Certified Air Duct Cleaning Experts

    You can get peace of mind when professionals take over. If a homeowner decides to do the cleaning himself/herself without proper knowledge, he/she can damage the ventilation system.

    With this being said, letting experts do the job is no doubt better rather than doing the heavy task by yourself, exposing yourself, and your ventilation system to risk.

    Professionals thoroughly clean air ducts while carefully handling every component and parts of your ventilation system. Here in Clean Air Duct Pitt, our professionals also provide HVAC system checkups and minor repairs.

    Eliminate health risks related to air pollution

    Uncleaned vents don’t only contain dust, which commonly triggers allergies. It also contains molds. But simple DIY duct cleaning won’t fully eliminate molds that build up inside your air vents.

    Molds are where most microorganisms reside. Once it accumulates in your air vents, it won’t just be staying inside the vents, it will be blown up by the air from your ventilation system and you’ll be breathing air with particles that are from the mold.

    A professional cleaning efficiently removes the mold from the duct system, ensuring that it will not get into your home.

    Saves money in the long run

    thoroughly cleaned air ducts will boost its efficiency back to its prime. This will consume lesser energy but with greater output, saving you money on electric bills.

    Moreover, cleaning your air ducts regularly will preserve your HVAC system. Our service doesn’t only about cleaning air ducts our professionals will also inspect and do minor repairs to your HVAC system. And because of this, you’ll avoid costly repairs and replacement in the future.

    Clean Air Duct Pitt in Pittsburgh

    During times like this pandemic, people are advised to stay at home to avoid getting diseases.

    People should take care of their own health to avoid going to hospitals and clinics.

    This is why our company’s mission is to provide the people of Pittsburgh with clean and acceptable air.

    Our professionals are equipped with proper knowledge and types of equipment to thoroughly clean your air ducts, removing all dirt and molds.

    Cleaning Procedures

    Generally, source removal is the most known way of air duct cleaning to removing all debris that is stuck and blocking the passageway of air.

    Our process includes agitation, disinfection, and removal of debris through a vacuum.

    Services we offer

    These are the services that are currently available:

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    The Clean Air Duct Pitt has a number of experts when it comes to HVAC system cleaning.

    With our high-quality services provided by our certified-trained experts, we are ready anytime you need us. Just call and our technicians will be right at your doorsteps.

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