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    Have you ever wondered why a certain restaurant stays efficient?

    Then, it is time to know how commercial hood cleaning plays its role.

    Commercial Hoods eliminate heat, smoke and grease laden vapors formed during cooking.

    Removal of unwanted pollutants reduces risks and fire hazards. Vent hoods became part of a well-suited kitchen.

    A well working commercial range hood ensures safety and efficiency.

    Such qualities serve as a potent function within a commercial kitchen. Moreover, a vent hood serves as the center of the ventilation system.

    There are strict standards and protocols in maintaining Commercial Hood.

    To achieve a high level of cleanliness, an expert from Clean Air Duct Pitt will do the job. Call our team and we will be at your doorstep ASAP.

    Why do Commercial Hood exist?

    Commercial hoods create balance among all elements in the kitchen. Removal of unwanted pollutants and contaminants reduces possible risks.

    For business owners, vent hoods are keys to create new products. Furthermore, it cleans the air that promotes a good working space. Here are some reasons why commercial hood exists:

    • Keeps decent air quality. It eliminates and filters out toxic air contaminants from cooking. Excessive exposure to smoke, steam, and grease is detrimental to one’s health.

    Kitchen workers inhale harmful air, which can be detrimental to their well-being. Vent hoods help circulate good air by removing the unwanted ones.

    • Prevents poisoning from carbon monoxide. A commercial hood vents out carbon monoxide from kitchen equipment and appliances.

    Exposure to carbon monoxide is harmful to one’s health. Even worse, excessive exposure can lead to death. Having a well-functioning vent can avoid such situations.

    • Removes heat excesses. A commercial exhaust hood helps in cooling the kitchen area.  It provides relief and protection.
    • Ensures convenient and safe cooking. Employees don’t have to go through the stuffiness in the kitchen and steam. Having clean air can improve the distribution and order of things.

    Why should a Commercial Hood Cleaned?

    Restaurant kitchens operate long hours. Frequent cooking will produce grease and smoke.

    Too much exposure may lead to health deterioration.

    Keeping a well-functioning commercial vent hood will avoid health risks. Moreover, it prevents particles from spreading on the premises.

    Excessive accumulation can cause fire risks. Someone must check the condition of all vent hood parts.

    Contacting our team to do the inspection will be beneficial. Furthermore, scheduling a routine maintenance can avoid serious troubles.

    As a business owner, it is vital for you to know of the possible risks a dirty hood can cause.

    These three are the most common risky situations that can happen:

    • On the stove top, high flames can cause sudden flares and serious fire risks.
    • Flames in contact or ignite on the filters.
    • Grease build-up inside the ducts can serve as an igniter. Grease can act as a fuel which can flare up when exposed to too much heat.

    Aside from the risk of fire, there are few other reasons why clean Commercial Hood:

    1. Health is one reason – reliance of the air quality to cleanliness is evident. A clean vent hood reduces fire risks and promotes a good working environment.

    A clogged ductwork delays the progress and distribution of work. Furthermore, uncleaned hoods can contaminate the air.

    1. Compliance to standard and protocols is essential to avoid sudden dangers. Our repair team will make sure all processes conform to the codes.

    This demonstrates that a commercial exhaust hood is not only necessary. But, also essential for the health and legal enforcement of a business.

    Cleaning vent hoods need proper attention and care. It is important to keep harmony within all the accessories of a commercial hood.

    Call our staff during emergencies and we will solve the trouble for you.

    Commercial Hood Cleaning in Pittsburgh

    Clean Air Duct Pitt is the trusted company in aiding vent hood troubles. It offers various air duct cleaning services that are ideal to your preferences.

    If you are in need of a reliable partner, call our team and we will be on the way. We have experienced staff with years in the field of repair.

    If you live in Pittsburgh, let Clean Air Duct Pitt fix any vent troubles you have. Call us now!

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