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    Bath Fan Exhaust Cleaning Service

    The bath fan is a mechanical device installed to improve air quality. Yet, bath fan exhaust cleaning is one of the overlooked to-do works.

    Homes, especially bathrooms, need to be in an optimal room temperature. Exhaust fans remove moisture and water-laden air. Releasing the air outdoors will improve air circulation within the bathroom.

    Exhaust fans play an important part in removing unwanted smells. Besides, it keeps mold from forming leaving a well-ventilated space.

    Yet, cleaning bath fans are often forgotten. It malfunctions without anyone noticing. It is time to do some cleaning and fix the subtle changes on its function.

    Have you ever wondered why your bathroom stinks even when the exhaust fans are working? Then you got to do some cleaning. Scheduling a regular maintenance from a trusted air duct cleaning company is advisable.

    In Pittsburgh, Clean Air Duct Pitt offers a great cleaning service. We commit to do our job right. Call our customer service and let Clean Air Duct Pitt end your troubles.

    Clean Bath Exhaust Fans will provide….

    • Comfort and Healthy Feeling. Have humidity checked from time to time. It is better to let a professional from our team in checking the condition of your fans. A clean exhaust fan will help circulate good air within the bathroom. Thus, it provides comfort and healthy feeling.
    • Efficiency and Effectivity. A well-maintained exhaust fan will prevent the occurence of fog and unwanted odor. Fogged up mirrors can be stressful during busy days. It can also remove water-laden air quickly and effectively.
    • Prevent Accumulation of Mold. Molds and other residues can damage bathroom facades. Towel and other damp fabrics can cause mildew. A clean fan can avoid unwanted smells and remove moisture in the air. Moreover, it will help your bathroom stay dry.
    • Aesthetics and Good Smell. Bathrooms look pleasant with the help of wallpapers and paints. But, moisture and mold will disrupt the order of things. An exhaust fan can help in maintaining the order and beauty of the bathroom. Furthermore, it helps remove foul smells and wet air.

    The best comfort in a home is to have your equipment and machine work well. Bath fan exhaust cleaning plays an important part in keeping the bathroom checked.

    Seeking help and wanting professional care is ideal to keep everything on track. Our team recognizes your need and we are ready to be at your service. Call our customer care and you will experience a well-paced cleaning service.

    Tips on How to Clean Bath Exhaust Fan

    Exhaust fans remove moisture, molds and mildew. It is ideal to keep it clean at all times. Cleaning it twice a year or scheduling a yearly maintenance will be beneficial.

    Cleaning the exhaust fan lasts for about 20 minutes. Yet, seeking professional help will lessen the time and will ensure a working fan.

    As a homeowner, you might want to do the cleaning yourself. You will often ask, ‘How to clean properly?’. Then, these following DIY tips will be helpful:

    Cleaning Preparation. Make sure to turn-off the breaker connected to the bathroom. You need a flashlight in a no-window bathroom.

    Check if the breaker is off by switching the fan on. Prepare a step ladder to reach the fans. Remove the cover and unscrew those exhaust fans with pins or bolts.

    Unplugged and unscrew all bolts if your exhaust fans have outlets. Check everything thorough before doing anything.

    Cleaning Exhaust Fan Process. A typical exhaust fan consists of three parts: cover, fan and blades and motors, housing. Cleaning each part is important.

    Vent Cover: Place the cover in a tub filled with soap. Gently remove the dust on the cover using a damp smooth cloth. Air dry the cover thoroughly before attaching it back.

    Fan Blades: Remove the fan blades and motor by twisting it from the exhaust vent. Wipe the fan blades and motor using a damp fabric. You can also use a vacuum to remove dust.

    Fan House: Use a vacuum or a crevice to clean the exhaust house. Also, clean the brackets.

    Ending Touch. Assemble the part carefully by observing proper order. Use your fingers to check if the fans move back and forth. Connect the exhaust fan to the outlet. After putting the cover, turn on your breaker and check if the fan is working.

    Of course, this tip requires careful execution. If you are uneasy, feel free to call us and we will do the job for you. After all, we want your exhaust fan to work well.

    Bath Fan Exhaust Cleaning in Pittsburgh

    With so much equipment to check, never overlook those that are of huge significance. A malfunctioning exhaust fan will cause serious troubles if not attended on time.

    The level of comfort of your bathroom needs proper attention. A working exhaust fan means a good ventilation system. Scheduling regular maintenance will enhance the performance of your exhaust fans.

    Moreover, our services are fast and reliable. If you want to bathe with comfort, have our team check the condition of your bath fans.

    If you live within Pittsburgh, our services are yours to enjoy. Call us now and we will be at your place ASAP. We commit to do the job right.

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