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    Restaurant Hood Cleaning

    Restaurant kitchen hoods tend to be easily coated in grease and grime.

    This can impede the efficiency of your kitchen ventilation system.

    At best, your indoor air quality will suffer.

    However, it could get extremely warm in your kitchen due to improper air flow.

    At worst, the heat buildup could lead to a disastrous fire.

    This will injure your clients and workers and cause irreversible damages to your property and business reputation.

    Don’t put everyone’s life at risk.

    Call Clean Air Duct Pittsburgh for reliable restaurant hood cleaning.

    We also offer professional vent and air duct cleaning in Pittsburgh.

    Book with us today, and we will send you our best cleaning specialists on the same day as your call.

    Commercial Hood Cleaning At Your Convenience

    When we conduct our restaurant hood cleaning, we make it a point not to interfere with your business operations.

    Since we do inspections first before cleaning, the job will take a significant amount of time.

    That’s why our technicians clean when it’s most convenient for your restaurant.

    We will work around your schedule and clean as fast and efficiently as we can.

    After your business hours, you can expect our team to arrive and provide you with prompt hood cleaning services.

    You can also depend on us for emergency hood and exhaust cleaning solutions.

    Our certified cleaning specialists will arrive at your branch and get the job done within the day.

    Professional Restaurant Hoods Cleaning

    Heavy-duty kitchen exhaust and hoods require deep cleaning once in a while.

    The NFPA suggests that you do maintenance cleaning every 2-3 months for over-the-grill hoods.

    While for prep hoods and oven hoods, routine cleaning every 6 months should be enough.

    Giving your hood a thorough cleaning will ensure that your kitchen ventilation system is in its most efficient condition.Consequently, deep cleaning can prolong the life of your equipment and avoid fire hazard in your restaurant.

    Affordable and Budget-Friendly Services

    You don’t have to worry about the cost of our professional cleaning services.

    Our company offers affordable services that do not compromise the quality of the result.

    To help you budget your finances well, our team will do an initial inspection of your restaurant exhaust system and hood.

    After careful examination, we will provide you with price estimates of our services.

    If we detected any component that needs repair, we can include that in our quote.

    Rest assured that we are always transparent in our pricing.

    We don’t charge extra services or hidden fees without your prior knowledge.

    NFPA-Compliant Cleaning

    Our professional technicians are committed to ensuring the safety of everyone in your business.

    For many years, we have been helping businesses from various industries grow by keeping their vents and air ducts clean.

    For restaurant and food-related enterprises, keeping the kitchen area clean and safe is of utmost importance.

    That’s why we partner up with them to ensure that they have little to no risk of catching fire.

    In particular, we clean their exhaust and hoods to remove the buildup of flammable grease and residue.

    We always strive to comply with the NFPA code requirements to guarantee that they have efficient ventilation and a safe work area.

    Restaurant Hood Maintenance and Cleaning

    Before we perform our cleaning task, we first conduct a thorough inspection of your restaurant’s exhaust system.

    We look for parts that are damaged and we will repair or replace them.

    If not, we’ll start by pressure-washing the removable components such as the grease filters.

    Our hood cleaning service encompasses cleaning your kitchen ducts, vents, and exhaust fans.

    We utilize high-powered and professional tools and equipment to effectively remove grease, dust, and grime on the hood’s surface.

    Your Reliable Duct and Vent Cleaning Specialists in Pittsburgh

    If you live in Pittsburgh, Clean Air Duct Pittsburgh is the best team of duct and vent cleaners for your property.

    Our technicians have been cleaning various types and sizes of vents, exhausts, and hoods for many years.

    This has helped us become experts in the field of cleaning and removing grease, oil, and other residues.

    For professional restaurant exhaust system and hood cleaning services, call Clean Air Duct Pittsburgh.

    We will immediately respond to your cleaning needs and ensure your safety in your business place.

    Book an appointment with us today!

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