How To Know That Your Air Ducts Are Clean

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    Keeping your homes clean and habitable is necessary in order to make sure that you have a good living environment and this does not exclude your air ducts.

    Your air ducts are the passageways that connect your HVAC system to the various vents located in your homes, allowing for air circulation indoors.

    When air is being circulated, dust particles and other contaminants are being carried together with it and as such, these particles can possibly settle in your ductworks.

    Determining whether your ductwork needs to be cleaned or not can be relatively easy to do as there are clear tell-tale signs that allow us to deduce whether it is dirty or not.

    Even the simple act of opening the vents and checking the inside for dust can do the trick.

    However, if it’s only been a few months since you last had it cleaned, you might want to check and see if they are still cleaned.

    If this is the case for you, then allow us to help you out with this “how to know that your air ducts are clean” dilemma that you are having.

    What is air duct cleaning and why is it necessary?

    Before getting to the main topic at hand, let us first understand what exactly is air duct cleaning all about and why it is necessary to have your air ducts cleaned.

    Air duct cleaning generally pertains to the management of the different heating and cooling system components of your HVAC system and is not simply limited to your supply and return ductworks.

    Basically, it includes having your entire HVAC system being cleaned as well.

    When these components are not properly maintained, they may become contaminated with unwanted particles such as dust, pollen, or debris.

    Plus, if moisture is present, it can even become a potential environment for microbiological growth and the like.

    These unwanted particles such as dust, pollens, spores from molds, debris, and etc. can potentially develop or trigger various lung-related health conditions making your homes less desirable to live in.

    And this is exactly why having your air duct system cleaned is necessary.

    There are a lot of benefits that you can enjoy by having your air ducts cleaned regularly and here are some of the following:

    • Better indoor air quality
    • Reduced allergens and/or irritants
    • Easier to breathe in
    • Eliminates any unpleasant smells and odors

    And there are many more I can name of.

    From these alone, the benefits you can get from having your air ducts cleaned just far outweigh the opposition that there is no reason for you not to do so.

    Besides, what have you got to lose?

    Checking if your air ducts are clean

    Now that we have established the importance and value of air duct cleaning, it is time to tackle the main topic at hand.

    How exactly do you check if your air ducts are clean and where do you start.

    This can be a very difficult question to answer most especially if you are new to the entire business and have rarely any idea what you are doing.

    However, worry not as we are here to help you out.

    If you want to check whether your air ducts are still clean or not, here are some things that can help you get started.

    First, you can begin with the easiest to check and start with your air vents and filters.

    Checking your vents and filters should be relatively easy as all you need to do is check if they are clear and have no dust build-up and this can be done by visual inspection alone.

    You will not need any tools and equipment in order to check the condition of both your air vents and your filters.

    The next thing you can do is checking and examining your heater.

    Check your heater’s heat exchanger and see if there is any dust starting to form or collect on its surface.

    This should be visibly clean so if it is otherwise, then it could be a clear tell-tale sign that your air ducts might need cleaning soon.

    The blower blades of your heater should also be free from oil and all types of debris as well as the blower compartment.

    Make sure that these components of your heater are still clean enough before proceeding to the next one on the list.

    After the heater, check your air conditioner system.

    Your AC units are one of the main suppliers of circulated air inside your homes so if its coils are dusty, it could carry with it dust as the conditioned air travels through your ducting.

    In order to check the coils, you may shine a flashlight through the cooling coil and can easily see the light come through the other side.

    Also, check your AC system’s coil fins and coil drain pan while you’re at it and see if it is still clean or if there is any dust build-up on its surface.

    Lastly, check the filters on your HVAC system if they are still good to go or if they already have to be replaced.


    With this checklist above, you are able to easily know if your air ducts are still clean enough or if it is about time to have them scheduled for cleaning.

    Hopefully, this answers your question regarding how to know that your air ducts are clean.

    Being aware of the condition of your ductworks allows you to assess and prevent any issues from occurring in the future.

    And on top of that, you are assured of the quality of indoor air available in your homes.

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