Is Duct Insulation Worth It?

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    For those who are planning to have air ducts installed in their homes and establishments or those who already have one installed but have not decided to have them insulated yet, you all must be wondering about the same question – is duct insulation worth it?

    A lot of you who are having second thoughts about insulating their ductworks must be thinking about whether having them insulated is really necessary or not, after all, who wouldn’t want to cut down on some of the initial expenses, right?

    Well, you have every right to think so.

    I mean, why spend extra when your air ducts will work and function just as they normally would even if you fail to have it insulated?

    Well, the thing about air ducts not insulated is, it may function well at first or the effects may not be observed right away but not having them insulated will cause you more harm than good.

    And allow us to tell you why.

    What is air duct insulation?

    Before we get to the different benefits you can get from insulating your ductworks, let us start with understanding what exactly air duct insulation is all about.

    Air ducts are the passageways that connect your home’s vents to your HVAC system installed.

    Basically, what it does is allow the air to travel between these two endpoints in order to circulate and distribute them accordingly throughout your homes.

    When we say air duct insulation, it refers to wrapping these air ducts in insulating materials in order to make sure that there are fewer or minimum air leakages and that the temperature is easily maintained during the circulation process.

    Any air ducts, may it be for cooling or heating purposes, that are located in unconditioned areas should be well insulated in order to prevent sudden temperature changes and to eliminate any condensation problems if the duct is located in damp areas.

    Now, there are different types of insulation options you can choose from depending on your purpose and budget.

    These options are as follows:

    1. Fiberglass insulation
    2. Reflectix (duct wrap) insulation

    Both options have their own advantages and disadvantages over the other option so make sure you choose wisely the kind of insulation you want for your air ducts.

    Fiberglass insulation is the popular choice as it is cost-effective, easy to install and replace, and absorbs noise if needed.

    However, it needs to be checked or inspected frequently in order to make sure that there is no moisture absorption on it.

    On the other hand, Reflectix insulation is more efficient and stable, lightweight, flexible, and has no risk of having any moisture problems, unlike fiberglass insulation.

    However it can be more pricey compared to the previous so if you decide on having this for your homes, make sure to have the budget for it.

    Benefits of insulating your ductworks

    As previously said, insulating your air ducts can bring upon a lot of benefits you might never have thought it would.

    Although insulating your air ducts can be a bit heavy on the pocket, we assure you that in the long run, it is definitely worth it.

    Now when insulating your air ducts, there are two main benefits you can get from doing so – first is being able to save on your utility expenses in the future and second is being able to maintain temperature levels and prevent air leaks.

    1. Reduced utility expenses

    The main reason why insulating your air ducts is worth it is that it has the ability to reduce your overall utility expenses.

    Allow me to tell you why and expound on the concept further.

    Now, your HVAC system is easily the largest appliance in your homes, and being so, it can be said that it is also the appliance that uses up the most energy.

    Now when you do not insulate your air ducts, what happens is as air travels through the ducting, the temperature can change along the way or there can be air unnoticeable air leakages along the seams as it was not insulated properly.

    Without ducts, your HVAC system loses around 10 to 30 percent of the energy which was originally supposed to cool or heat your homes.

    Now when the temperature we desire is not achieved, the tendency is we increase the output of the HVAC systems in order to reach the desired level of temperature.

    When this happens, it results in your HVAC system working twice as hard as it should since it needs to cover the losses as well.

    If your air ducts are well insulated in the first place, you wouldn’t have to worry about these kinds of things at all.

    Plus your HVAC system will not have to overexert itself as it can easily reach its expected output since the losses are lesser or more manageable compared to ductworks without any insulation at all.

    2. Prevents sudden temperature changes and air leaks

    The bonus benefit of insulating your air ducts would be the fact that you will be able to prevent sudden temperature rises and drops or any air leaks.

    When there are a lot of drastic temperature changes due to its rise and drop, condensation forms on your air ducts.

    Condensation can cause or result in a lot of problematic issues such as structure damage, mold build-up, and even health issues.

    By simply insulating your homes, you are not only saving in terms of expenses, but you are making sure as well that your air ducts and homes are well-protected at all times.


    Your air ducts are able to serve their functions and purposes better if they are well-protected and insulated.

    If you are still wondering whether insulating your air ducts is worth it or not, then the answer is it definitely is.

    The long term benefits you can get for duct insulation, after all, far outweighs the number of expenses you can save from not insulating your air ducts.

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