Types Of Duct Insulation For a Home Or Commercial Building

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    Having air ducts can significantly help the airflow and the circulation of clean air in your home or commercial buildings.

    It can also be used to circulate hot air and cold air distributing it through the different air dents in your establishment.

    However, in order for air ducts to be efficient in circulating the air inside your homes or buildings, they need to be properly insulated.

    Without duct insulation, air ducts won’t be able to function efficiently and there will be a lot of losses when air travels through your air ducts, and surely you don’t want this happening right?

    However, why exactly do your air ducts need the insulation, and what are the types of duct insulation for a home or commercial building set-up that is available in the market nowadays?

    Well, keep reading, and let’s find out.

    Why do your air ducts need to be insulated?

    So, why exactly is proper insulation important and why does it need to be done properly for your air ducts?

    Well, allow us to tell you why.

    Insulating your air ducts are important because doing so will ensure that the air traveling through your air ducts will not leak out and will stay at the desired temperature.

    We want an air duct system that will prevent all sorts of leaks as having one means that your HVAC system will have to work twice as hard.

    This will result in higher utility bills which means you will be spending a lot more than you normally would.

    Without proper insulation, you are estimated to lose around 10-30% of the energy which is supposedly used for heating and cooling your home.

    Properly done air duct insulation will not only prevent energy wastage and loss but as well as temperature drops, leaks, and etc.

    Air ducts are usually made from two different types of thin material – sheet metal or fiberglass – and this is exactly why without proper insulation; air traveling through them can be lost.

    Depending on your preference, you may end up choosing one or the other.

    Ducting is most necessary in unconditioned areas such as basements, ceilings, and floors.

    Before adding insulation to your air ducts, you should also remember to properly seal the leaks to be found in your ductwork.

    Types of duct insulation

    If you are looking into the different types of duct insulation for a home or commercial building set-up, then there are two options you can choose from — Fiberglass insulation and Reflectix.

    Reflectix is a newer type of set-up compared to the more common fiberglass insulation.

    Basically, it is a duct wrap with better features compared to fiberglass insulation as it has no risk of having moisture problems, lightweight, and very efficient and stable.

    Fiberglass on the other hand is still an equally good option since it is cost-effective, easy to install and replace, and absorbs a lot of noise,  although it can be a bit troublesome as you have to inspect it for moisture from time to time.

    Now, depending on your application needs and purpose, there are a lot of fibrous ducting types you can choose from.

    Each has its own advantages and disadvantages over the other.

    The different types of fiberglass duct insulation are as follows:

    • Fiberglass duct liner
    • Fiberglass duct board systems
    • Fiberglass duct wrap
    • Fiberglass commercial board

    Fiberglass duct liner is a type of insulation where thermal and acoustical protections are being used.

    It works by having blankets or boards with a specific type of protection like coating, fibrous mat, or similar materials that protect the surface from direct exposure.

    They are held in place on the interior of your air ducts by metal fasteners or special fire-tested adhesives.

    A fibrous duct board system is an option where the boards being used to complete your air ducts are being constructed from thick rigid insulation boards.

    The outside of these kinds of boards is made of reinforced aluminum and the like while the inside is able to provide thermal, acoustical, and condensation control benefits.

    Fiberglass duct wrap is basically just like the Reflectix but only made of fiberglass.

    This kind of insulation is flexible, and can easily be blanketed over your air duct system.

    They can be applied to all sorts of air duct sizes and shapes thanks to their flexibility, even irregularly shaped ducts are no exception.

    Lastly, commercial boards mad of fiberglass are mostly being used. They come in different sizes and shape in order to reduce heat loss and heat gain.

    These boards come in different properties and features and can vary depending on the purpose you wish to use them for.


    Air duct insulation is indeed necessary for your air duct and its different systems.

    Without proper insulation, you are subjected to a lot of losses instead of benefits from having said air ducts.

    It can even result in you spending more due to energy loss and leakages as these problems will have your HVAC system working much harder.

    In order to get the best type of insulation for your establishment or homes, it is best you consult with the nearest air duct company in your area.

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