What Tools Are Used For Air Duct Cleaning?

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    Regular air duct cleaning is a necessary measure in maintaining the air distribution in your homes or establishments in the best condition possible.

    If you want the circulated air to be kept clean at all times, then having them cleaned is the way to go.

    Having dirty air ducts can affect the overall performance of your HVAC system in a way that it increases your utility expenses, reduce the quality of air indoors, and may even affect the health of those who are staying in your homes or establishments.

    However, in order to make sure that the job is done well and accordingly, finding the right contractor that can provide you with air duct cleaning services is the key.

    But how do you know if you have the right contractor for the job?

    Well, aside from the reputation of the company, there are three main things that a good air duct cleaning company must have – the proper skill set, the right knowledge, and the needed equipment to get the job done.

    Since skills and knowledge can be taught and developed, let us focus more on what exactly it means to have the right set of tools and equipment to get the job done.

    So, exactly what tools are used for air duct cleaning activities?

    Air duct cleaning equipment

    When it comes to cleaning your air ducts, there are some necessary types of equipment that you need to have in order for the entire procedure to go smoothly.

    Depending on the cleaning company, they may opt to use heavy-duty truck-mounted vacuum equipment or compact and portable vacuums.

    This all depends on their procedure and method when it comes to air duct cleaning.

    Oftentimes, air duct cleaning companies choose to use both options in order to be able to make use of both the power and portability functions of these individual vacuums.

    The use of vacuum when cleaning air ducts has always been somewhat of a standard or go-to option and over time, it has become one of the core equipment of ductworks cleaning.

    Vacuum tools are what allows these different duct cleaning companies to be able to remove all sorts of contaminants and dust present on the inside of your ducts and remove them completely from the system.

    Without a vacuum, duct cleaning would be a whole lot more strenuous activity to do and would be very difficult to finish in a short amount of time.

    However, although vacuums are the core of air duct cleaning activities, these aren’t the only tools and types of equipment that are being used during such an activity.

    Other required equipment includes the following:

    1. Access equipment

    First, on the list, we have your access equipment.

    When cleaning your air ducts, not everything can just be accessed through your vents, sometimes, you may need to access the ducting system at numerous different points.

    And this is where the access equipment comes in.

    Basically, these types of equipment allow the technicians to access every nook and corner of your home or establishment’s air duct system.

    Given how important these access equipment are, will bring along with them a wide range of access tools which are used in different kinds of situation.

    This is so that they are always prepared to tackle whatever needs to be accessed during the entire activity.

    2. Inspection equipment

    In order to successfully clean the air ducts at hand properly, the cleaning teams should also have some inspection equipment.

    Due to the tight space inside the vents and your ducts, there is only so much you can see, and thus, this is why there is a need for some additional inspection equipment.

    These type of types of equipment includes periscopes and cameras which are being used to inspect areas that cannot be seen to the visible eye due to some restriction.

    The camera systems are typically known as snake cameras since they can easily slither around the interior of the ducts, giving you a view of the sections you cannot see.

    These cameras are even equipped with a flashlight and have high-resolution video footage.

    Inspection tools are necessary because it allows the technicians to have a better understanding of how dirty the inside of your air ducts are and allows them to strategize properly how to approach the situation.

    3. Other cleaning tools

    Although vacuum systems are the core of duct cleaning or are what is used a lot when cleaning your air ducts, these aren’t the only tools being used for such an activity.

    Other tools being used for air duct cleaning are brushing and pneumatic tools.

    These tools – manual brush, power brush, blowguns, etc.  are most commonly used for hardened debris or contaminations in which the vacuum system is having a hard time removing.

    They are mostly there to loosen up the debris and molds so that the vacuum will be able to deal with them more easily.

    4. Air Compressors

    Lastly, we have air compressors which are most commonly used for the different pneumatic tools that are essential when cleaning air ducts and as well as with the vacuum systems being used for the job.


    Having the right tools and equipment for the job is similar to having the job halfway done, after all, without these tools; no air duct cleaning would be possible.

    With proper air duct cleaning tools, you are assured that the technicians are able to easily get the job done more efficiently.

    However, having the right tools does not always necessarily mean that they are the best in the area and as such, you still need to be vigilant and get to know the said company more.

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