Dangers Of Black Mold

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    Your HVAC system is an important and necessary part of your homes, and as such, you are probably doing everything that you can in order to keep it running optimally.

    However, with so many things that could go wrong, it is undeniable that you might have to go through some of these troubles over time.

    If you are a homeowner and have your own HVAC and venting system, then you have most probably heard all about black molds and the harmful benefits of having them in your homes.

    Having black molds on the interior of your air ducts can be very troublesome as it can develop into a lot of different issues over time.

    Because of this, it is inherently important that you establish regular maintenance schedules in order to prevent any of these problematic issues from developing further.

    However, what exactly are black molds, how can one be able to identify them, and what exactly are the dangers of black mold existence in your homes?

    Well, let’s find out together.

    Defining black molds

    A lot of you have probably heard about the term ‘black molds’, however, the majority of them only know of the term and not of the basic idea of exactly what it is.

    Now, black molds or Stachybotrys Chartarum is some sort of greenish-black mold that grows on a lot of materials such as fiberboards, paper, gypsum boards, lint, and dust.

    They usually develop when there is water or wet spots on the interior of your ducting system due to humidity, condensation, and water leaks.

    When dust and dirt start to settle down inside your venting system, it is never impossible for black molds to eventually start to appear especially if there are wet spots in them.

    And this is exactly why any homeowner out there must commit to regular maintenance and cleaning sessions for their ducting and HVAC systems.

    Identifying black molds

    Now that you have an idea of what black molds exactly are and how they form on the interiors of your ducting system, how exactly are you able to tell if black molds have started forming?

    Well, there is no sure-fire way of doing so without checking it visually but there are some tell-tale signs and symptoms which could hint that there are indeed black molds forming inside your air ducts.

    One of the first indicators of the existence of black molds in your homes is having a distinct musty and mildew smell on some areas or rooms or even all throughout your homes.

    You are also able to tell if black molds are forming inside your ducting systems if you start seeing them around the drip pans, near the opening of your air vents, and within your intake vents.

    Cleaning external and visible mold growth can be relatively easy to do however; this does not necessarily mean that the problem is eliminated all throughout your system.

    You will need to clean the vents and air ducts all throughout your homes thoroughly in order to eliminate this problem properly as simply uprooting the molds is no assurance that the problem has been solved entirely.

    Effects of having Black Molds in your homes

    The greatest impact brought about by the existence of black molds in your homes is probably its health impact on the residents of the place.

    Prolonged exposure to black molds can cause different reactions among different individuals but the ones most affected are those who are very young, very old, or already have pre-existing health conditions compromising their immunity to these problems.

    On top of that, it also can potentially be bad news for those with any pre-existing medical conditions such as allergies and asthma as it can make things even more complicated.

    Some of the symptoms that may indicate exposure to black molds are the following:

    • Having difficulty in breathing
    • Having irritated eyes, nose, and/or throat
    • Frequent and recurring headaches
    • Visible rashes
    • Fatigue
    • Chronic coughs and colds
    • Having trouble focusing or concentrating
    • Vomiting and diarrhea
    • Nausea

    If anyone in your home is experiencing any of these symptoms, then it might be a good idea to have your ducting systems checked for molds and to have them cleaned thoroughly.

    Once exposure to black molds is cut off, affected individuals should be able to start to recover accordingly, but to be sure, consult with a doctor for a professional opinion.

    How to prevent black molds from forming

    As previously mentioned these molds form due to the presence of moisture and having humidity levels that are out of control creating wet spots on the interior of your ducting systems making it a conducive environment for your molds to grow in.

    Waiting for molds to actually form can be timely and costly and this is why it is always best to have preventive measures at hand in order to countermeasure this problem.

    You can prevent molds from growing in your homes by making sure that areas, where water are present, are properly sealed to eliminate any possibilities of having a conducive environment for your molds and you may also invest in a dehumidifier for your entire home in order to control the humidity levels better.


    Removing any molds that are starting to grow in your homes should be addressed immediately before it makes things worse for your family.

    Removing it should be an easy thing to do but it is still better to leave this with a professional air duct cleaning company to make sure that the problem is uprooted properly from the source.

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