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    Your Air Conditioner won’t work properly and correctly if your evaporator coils are dirty.

    So, if your evaporator coils accumulate some dirt or grimes, it would not produce a good temperature on your property that could make you uncomfortable.

    We suggest that you do annual maintenance on your AC and its evaporator coils to ensure comfortable air during extreme weather, such as summer.

    That’s why the company provides cleaning services that will restore the good condition of your Air Conditioner.

    At Clean Air Duct Pittsburgh, we have a team of highly-skilled cleaning technicians that will do a thorough cleaning on your AC evaporator coils.

    Additionally, if you have a dryer at home, we provide a dryer vent and duct cleaning services.

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    Why Do You Need Evaporator Coil Cleaning Services?

    The evaporator coils capture heat air that is circulating inside your home, while the evaporating coils condense the captured air and release it into your room through AC’s external unit.

    The coils are made with copper with a few aluminum fins that enhance heat transfer.

    So, if you’re wondering why do you need to clean your Evaporating Coils and not the AC itself, it’s because evaporating coils are one of the most important components of your air conditioner.

    If grimes and dirt accumulated into these coils, their performance will reduce the cool air might not be the same when you first bought it.

    Additionally, it’s practical to have annual maintenance at least once a month on your AC and evaporating coils for you to have an advantage.

    So, what is this advantage?

    One benefit of cleaned Evaporating Coils is they can reduce your energy bill as they will not work too hard because of the stuck grimes.

    Additionally, a dirty evaporating coil can cause harm to you and your family.

    This grime and dirt could overheat your Air Conditioner that can cause fires and other hazardous issues.

    So, to prevent this from happening, it’s best if you do annual maintenance on your AC coils and other appliance at home.

    You can call your trusted technician to conduct a thorough examination and cleaning.

    In this way, you can your AC safely and comfortably.

    Do You Need The Help Of An Expert In Cleaning Evaporator Coils?

    Cleaning evaporator coils is not a difficult job but a little bit dangerous as it could cause a short circuit when you try to clean it independently.

    That’s why we don’t recommend you to do DIY cleaning on your Air Conditioner evaporating coils.

    Only an experienced and professional technician knows how to properly handle this situation.

    So, if you’re planning to clean it by yourself, we highly suggest that don’t do it as it could put your life at risk.

    Additionally, don’t hire an amateur technician that will tell you that they can finish the cleaning job in just one hour.

    One hour is not enough to clean and remove the stuck dirt and grimes on the entire evaporating coil.

    So, if you need any help regarding your evaporating coils, keep in touch with us.

    Our certified technicians are highly skilled and experienced as they are doing this job for years now.

    When Do You Need An Evaporator Coil Cleaning Service?

    If you notice the air that your Air Conditioner produces is not as cold when you first bought it, it indicates that the evaporating coils are dirty.

    Additionally, if you’ve observed that your Air Conditioner does not produce cold air even though it’s at its lowest degree, the evaporating coils might be broken or dirty.

    So, if you’re in this situation, don’t hesitate to call a professional technician to prevent any hazard problems, such as fire.

    Once the technicians arrived at your place, they will inspect first what’s wrong with the appliance.

    If they said that the evaporating coils are just dirty, then they will conduct a thorough cleaning that could take one to two hours depending on the amount of dirt on the coils.


    If you need evaporating coil cleaning services, call Clean Air Duct Pittsburgh.

    We will deploy our most professional technicians on your property to conduct cleaning without any delay.

    You can call us at any time of the day as we are available on all days of the week.

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    Nowadays, it’s hard to keep up with the weather because of global warming.

    There are days when we think it will be cold, but the weather will be too humid in reality.

    In those situations, a properly working air conditioner is a huge help to maintain the correct temperature we want in our place.

    Thus, having a professional evaporator coil cleaning service is essential to prolong your AC in its best condition.

    Cleaning the evaporator coil is just like having your ducts or dryer vents get cleaned.

    If neglected for a long time, it will cause frustration to your house.

    In terms of dirty coils, your room will feel more hot and humid even if your AC is operating.

    It is best to leave the cleaning process to a professional HVAC specialist for a thorough inspection and get the job done correctly.

    End your frustration with a faulty AC and get professional cleaning in Pittsburgh!

    Call Clean Air Duct Pittsburgh for in-depth and careful AC services.

    We have very skilled HVAC technicians who can perform a thorough cleaning and prompt repairs of your ACs, air ducts, and even dryer vents!

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    What is the role of the Evaporator Coil in your AC?

    Did you know that air conditioners work by not producing cold air into your room but absorbing the heat from the air and releasing that heat outside?

    Yes, that’s how they work, and evaporator coils play an essential role in that matter.

    The AC Evaporator coil or evaporator core condenses the water vapor from the refrigerant.

    The cold, low-pressure refrigerant is part of the system that attracts and carries the heat from the air in your room.

    The blower fan draws the warm air over the evaporator coil as the refrigerant glides.

    Once this water vapor hits the cold evaporator coils, the steam condenses into liquid form and falls into the condensate pan, draining the water outdoors.

    The refrigerant continues to absorb heat from the passing air and remove that heat from your room until the air temperature you set is reached.

    This process would not be possible without the evaporator core located inside or near the air handler and blower fan.

    Further, the coils are copper, steel, or aluminum because such metals conduct heat.

    To recognize the evaporator coils, remember that they primarily consist of tubes shaped into “U’ and are settled into panels.

    Signs that you need to schedule an Evaporator Coil Cleaning Service

    As an owner, you are probably aware of the importance of having your air conditioner maintained regularly.

    However, it is unlikely for all preventative maintenance to include coil cleaning.

    If you never heard about evaporator coil cleaning, you must be wondering why this is a necessity.

    To digest the concept, you must know what will happen to your air conditioner when the coils remain dirty.

    Here’s a quick explanation of the symptoms your air conditioner might show when it is not properly clean.

    The System Runs Longer

    The dirt and smut will give a hard time for the coil to absorb and evaporate the heat as it usually does.

    Inefficient evaporation may cause a strain on the compressor, which is the heart of your AC system.

    As a result, you will notice that the system will keep running constantly but not reach your set temperature.

    Refrigerant Leakage

    The erosion brought by the dust and grime can weaken the evaporator unit.

    The grime in AC coils can form corrosion on the outside condenser coils exposed to smog, exhaust fumes, and other external pollutants.

    In that weak state, the corrosion can cause cracks or crates in the coils, opening the refrigerant to leak.

    The refrigerant is a crucial part of the cooling process of an AC.

    The system’s ability to cool down an area decreases when the refrigerant leaks.

    The leakage can be harmful, too, and filling your air conditioner with more of it will not fix the issue.

    Thus, it is best to call a maintenance specialist to inspect the problem and conduct a professional repair and cleaning service.

    Unpleasant Smell

    Not all water will evaporate in the coils quickly.

    Some of the remaining can build up on the fins and breed molds or bacteria that can be emitted to your home if neglected.

    You should include changing the air filters to prevent this from happening.

    Low Energy Efficiency

    If you notice that your electric bill is creeping up, an air conditioner might be the primary consumption.

    A spike in your utility bill is a sign of having a technician inspect and clean the AC coils.

    Neglecting this kind of sign will only cause more expenses and a defective air conditioner in the long run.

    How to avoid damaging the Evaporator Coil?

    Indeed, prevention is better than cure, and luckily, preventive measures in the HVAC industry are simple and easy to follow.

    You only need to invest more attention and time to experience a refreshing air conditioner.

    Here is a list of a few ways you can follow to maintain the entire system of your AC at its top shape and condition.

    1. Conduct an inspection and cleaning routine.

    A simple way of cleaning your surroundings and checking how your AC operates will help you see the warning signs you need to have someone to clean it already.

    1. Commit a maintenance schedule.

    Many homeowners rely on their instincts or when the AC suddenly malfunction before calling professional help.

    An evaporator coil cleaning service must be part of your calendar because this appliance must undergo regular maintenance to function optimally.

    1. Always mention cleaning the evaporator coil and changing air filters to your technician since most of us forget that part.

    You should stick to the schedule and ensure that the maintenance staff follows the complete AC cleaning process.

    1. Check the coils if it’s clean and dry after an appointment.

    Don’t forget to check the coils and other parts of your AC before letting the technician close it yet.

    The parts must be clean and dry for a better function.

    Most Reliable Cleaning Services in Pittsburgh

    Evaporator coil issues are easy to diagnose yet complicated and expensive to repair when abandoned.

    Don’t wait for your AC system to fail before scheduling a cleaning appointment!

    A timely check-up can make a huge difference between needing a simple cleaning and expensive repair or replacement.

    If you are looking for reliable Evaporator Coil Cleaning Services in Pittsburgh, do not hesitate to call us!

    We are Clean Air Duct Pittsburgh, your most reliable cleaning service provider in town!

    Our company has the most promising, well-trained, and highly-skilled HVAC Maintenance Specialists and Cleaning Technicians who can perform a thorough cleaning of your vents, air ducts, and coils!

    You can inquire about our customer service anytime you want.

    We are open even after work hours and on weekends!

    We would be most thrilled to introduce you to everything you need to know about the Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning system.

    Schedule an appointment now with Clean Air Duct Pittsburgh!

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