How Often Should Dryer Vents Be Cleaned

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    People often neglect to check their appliances and take them for granted until they eventually stop functioning.

    Your dryer is no exception and should be cleaned occasionally.

    Customers seem to forget that having a good conditioned dryer takes no more than 20 minutes to get their clothes from sopping wet to dry.

    So, what if your dryer starts to malfunction?

    In this case, you cannot use them, resulting in nothing to wear.

    This article will discuss how often dryer vents should be cleaned and what benefits you will get from a clean and excellent dryer.

    Getting your dryer vents cleaned regularly is essential if you want to prolong your dryer’s life and maintain its top condition.

    This can prolong the lifespan of your dryer and upgrade the efficiency, and you could avoid dangers, such as fires and other hazards.

    At Clean Air Duct Pittsburgh, we have a team of professional technicians that will help you restore the excellent condition of your dryer.

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    Why Should You Clean Your Dryer Vents?

    Dryers are one of the things that we neglect to clean until they malfunction and cause more trouble.

    However, regular maintenance will do the job and maintain your dryer’s healthy condition and extend its life.

    One problem that could emerge is your dryer is clogged.

    If this is the case, the dryer will work harder that will eventually cause it to wear out quicker than anticipated.

    Additionally, you should check up on your dryer’s vent to ensure your family’s safety from a possible fire and other hazard problems.

    A dryer can accumulate and produce highly flammable lint that can put you and your family in danger.

    Call a professional technician to check and maintain your dryer to ensure that this will never happen.

    How Often Should You Clean Your Dryer?

    One good task that should become your habit is to have your dryer vents cleaned and inspected by an expert technician at least once or twice a year.

    But, if you have a household that uses a dryer regularly, such as your children or maid, you might need to consider increasing the maintenance to every six months.

    How To Tell If It’s Time To Clean Your Dryer’s Vent?

    You need to know many signs before you do maintenance or clean your exhaust, even though you think it’s not the right time for annual maintenance.

    Below are a few indications to tell:

    If you observe that the dryer takes more time to dry your clothes and you need to do another cycle for it to become dry, it indicates that there is something wrong with the appliance.

    Another sign that you should notice is if your clothes are too hot after drying.

    If that’s the case, you need to call a professional technician to find the culprit of the problem.

    Additionally, if you observe that the dryer gets extremely hot during a drying cycle, unplug the wire from the socket and don’t use it as it could cause a fire.

    Lastly, don’t continue to use your dryer if you smell a strange and stinky scent coming from the appliance during workload that includes a musty smell or a burning smell.

    If you kindly notice these indicators, don’t neglect them as they could cause unnecessary accidents.

    Call your trusted technician to provide a check-up on your dryer and to avoid any hazardous incident.

    In this way, you can use your dryer effectively and safely.

    DIY Dryer Cleaning

    In case you don’t want to bring your dryer vents to a professional technician, you can do a DIY dryer vent cleaning.

    That’s because there are some components of your dryer that you should regularly clean and maintain by yourself that include the drum and filter.

    If you keep these parts clean and conditioned, these components of your dryer will help the appliance keep functioning smoothly between your drying sessions.

    Many videos on YouTube give DIY procedures to clean your dryer independently.

    However, it is still best if you let the professionals do their job for safe and effective maintenance.


    If you need regular maintenance for your dryer’s exhaust or the appliance itself, don’t hesitate to call Clean Air Duct Pittsburgh to provide a thorough examination and cleaning.

    We are open 24/7.

    Call us now!

    Did you know that unclean dryers and washing machines can cause a disaster like house fires?

    Based on the 2010 record of the National Fire Protection Agency, dryers and washing machines have caused around 16,800 house fires in the US.

    Lint, a clothing component, is highly flammable, giving rise to fire hazards.

    When the airflow in the dryer vents is confined, the gases get pushed back, forming an environment for a fire to burst out.

    Thus, cleaning dryer vents is a must for every owner.

    If your dryer has been acting out, don’t wait for it to combust.

    It would help if you had it cleaned by a professional vent maintenance specialist.

    Allow the specialist to conduct the cleaning for a safer operation.

    If this is your first time hearing about dryer vents, there is no need to worry!

    Here in Clean Air Duct Pittsburgh, we are delighted to introduce all you need to know about this matter, like how often you should clean your dryer vents.

    You may also inquire through a phone call.

    Just contact our number, and our staff will gladly answer your concerns.

    Why is it important to have my dryer vent professionally cleaned?

    The dryer vent is the tube that connects your dryer to the outside of your house.

    It is a passageway to discard laundry wastewater and remove hot air and moisture to avoid fire complications.

    Several issues could impede the function of your dryer when the vent is too congested.

    To name a few, here is a list of essential reasons why you should have it cleaned.

    Safety and Welfare

    Safety is on top of the list, for as mentioned, dryers are combustible equipment and can pose serious fire hazards when the vents get clogged.

    To Work Efficiently

    A congested dryer vent also means multiple cycles of drying your clothes due to poor operation.

    The right amount of air is not ventilating into your dryer; thus, it is difficult to dry your clothes.

    With the multiple cycles, your dryer consumes additional energy, which results in an escalation in your electrical bills.

    For this reason, it is essential to have your dryer vent clean for energy-saving purposes.

    To Prolong the Lifespan of your Dryer 

    A clogged vent will result in a less-efficient drying operation.

    Neglecting the task of cleaning your dryer will slowly lead to decreasing its value and function.

    It would be best to have the vents washed when poorly running before it permanently breaks down.

    To Prevent Mold Formation

    The moisture released from the dryer vent sometimes forms wet spots inside the tube.

    The building up of these wet piles can create highly unsanitary molds.

    How often should I schedule Dryer Vent Cleaning?

    We recommend having your dryer vents inspected and cleaned at least once a year.

    However, some households use their dryers too frequently.

    Consider booking a cleaning appointment after six months if you use your dryer more than usual.

    Signs that I need to have my Dryer Vent get Cleaned

    There are circumstances when you have to get your dryer exhaust cleaned, even if it’s not yet the time for your annual check-up.

    Your dryer will show a few signs that you can quickly notice when you pay attention.

    Attending these warning signs will tell you that your unit needs extra care and must have a maintenance appointment immediately.

    In this way, you can avoid having an impaired dryer machine.

    Here are a few of the warning signs to tell:

    1. It takes longer to get your clothes dry

    A dryer that takes multiple cycles before it completely dries the clothes means a lint buildup prevents air circulation.

    Please take it as a sign to regularly remove the lint from the vents to prevent inefficient operation.

    1. It is hot or humid inside the laundry room

    A congested vent will have a hard time letting out air outside your home.

    Thus, it will leak out into your place.

    1. A strange smell is coming from the dryer

    This strange odor is like a burning or musty smell.

    It usually comes out when your dryer is operating.

    The musty smell is a dangerous sign because it means your dryer might spark any minute.

    You should call a technician immediately for a cleaning service.

    1. The dryer or your clothes is too hot to touch

    A clogged vent also causes your clothes to come out extremely hot after drying them.

    1. The vent hood flap is not opening properly

    You know the lint or debris are escalating when you see some of them around the dryer hose or vent opening.

    As said, this lint and debris will cause restriction in airflow and may result in a dangerous fire incident.

    Call Clean Air Duct Pittsburgh for a Safe Dryer Vent Cleaning

    Put an end to your worries and have your dryer vent get the proper maintenance it needs!

    Call Clean Air Duct Pittsburgh for a reliable and safe dryer vent cleaning!

    We follow complete protocols and guidelines regarding the proper vent cleaning to ensure that your vents are lint-free and spotless with debris.

    The inspection process is done thoroughly by our skilled technicians, and you can ask for prompt repairs as well.

    Above all, we prioritize our client’s safety and convenience.

    Therefore, we perform our services with sanitized and chemical-free tools and equipment.

    You can reach us through our contact details.

    We assure you that our customer service is always free to answer your concern with just one call!

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